No. Title of the Project Granting Authority Amount of Grant Started from Present status Principal Investigator or equivalent
1. Infrastructure Development of  Food Technology Department Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI), Govt. of India 50.0 lacs 2009 Completed Dr. Arup Kumar Bhowmik
2. Modernization of Communication and Cryptography Laboratory AICTE 14.8 lacs 2010 Completed Dr. Arup Kumar Bhowmik
3. Modernization of Advanced Communication Laboratory AICTE 9.5 lacs 2010 Completed Dr. Arun Kumar Mandal
4. Seminar on Mobile Communication AICTE 0.70 lac  2011 Completed Dr. Sisir Kr. Das
5. Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp DST 0.20 lac 2011 Completed Dr. Santanu Kr. Sen
6 National Seminar on Research Application Marketing Association of Indian Management Schools 0.20 lac 2012 Completed Prof(Dr.)R.Bakshi
7 Seminar on Network Security AICTE 1.05 lac 2013 Completed Dr. Sisir Kr. Das
8 Seminar on Recent Advances in the Development of Natural Antioxidants AICTE 1.40 lac 2013 Completed Dr. Subhajit Roy
9. Establishment of Food Processing Training Centre (FPTC) Dept. of Food Processing Industries and Horticulture, Govt. of West Bengal 4.0 lacs 2013 Ongoing Prof.(Dr.) A. Das
10 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp DST 0.50 lac 2014 Completed Dr. Santanu Kr. Sen
11 16 Minor Research Projects UGC 57.5 lacs 2014 Ongoing 16 Faculty members
12 Consultancy works Exieom Pvt Lt., Delhi 3.5 2015 Ongoing Dr. S. K. Das

Details of UGC recognition:

Under Section Date, Month & Year (dd-mm-yyyy) Remarks (If any)
i.  2 (f)   23.02.2012  
ii. 12 (B) 25.02.2013 The college is eligible to receive grants from all UGC schemes for faculty and students as per the decision of the Commission dated 8th July 2011.

(Enclosed below the Certificate of recognition u/s 2 (f) and 12 (B) of the UGC Act)