The IT industry continues to be a most sought after, in spite of the recent slump. And a degree in Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) is considered to be a permit to a top-notch career in the IT Industry. The basic qualities required to get a grip in the IT sector are flexibility in mind set and the ability to grab new things fast. Since, IT courses involve learning new technologies with the changing demands of the industry, the students in this field are required to be fast learners. Then, students of IT should have a logical bent of mind that can analyze numbers and think of solving multifaceted problems.

Programmes for computers contain information and detailed instructions that computers must follow in order to perform all of their functions. Professionals with a computer programming degree are needed to write, test, and maintain these detailed commands. Computer programmes range from very simple ones that only take a few hours to write to very complex programs that take more than a year to finish. After the design process is complete and all of the specifications are met, individuals with a computer programming degree will convert it into a logical series of instructions and commands that the Computer can follow.

The programmer would then code these instructions into a computer programming language. Computer programmers may also perform duties such as re-writing, updating, repairing, modifying, and expanding computer programs that already exist. After writing or changing a computer program, the programmers must test the programme to ensure that all instructions are correct. If there are errors, the computer programmer must make the appropriate change and then recheck the program until it produces correct information.

The Department of Computer Applications is one of the pioneering departments of our Institutions that offer Information Technology courses such as BCA and MCA. It is committed to impart quality education in the fields of IT, a field growing in leaps and bounds. The curriculum is so made that the course provides a good theoretical foundation through high quality teaching complemented by extensive practical training. It is dedicated to the mission of inculcating value-based, socially committed professionalism to the cause of overall development of students and society MCA student can specialize in various fields in the last year of their course. Among below mentioned electives students can choose any four subjects in their 5th semester as per the course combinations are available in the syllabus.

  • System Administration 2 and Linux.
  • Windows Programming With VB.
  • Advanced Unix programming.
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java.
  • Compiler Design.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Image Processing.
  • Distributed database management.
  • Parallel Programming.

A part from these electives students can also choose one practical elective subject and also there will be major project & seminar.

MCA is a three years full-time post-graduate degree course with 60 intake at each of our Institute (Two semesters in each year) approved by AICTE. MCA courses of all out Institutes are affiliated to West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT). Candidate for admission to the 3 year Master in Computer Application course must have passed a Bachelor's degree examination under (10+2+3) pattern or equivalent with mathematics / statistics as one of the subjects, merit listed through WBJECA, selected by Central Selection Committee, Govt. of West Bengal.


After successful completion of Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) degree, you will be able to work in many different fields. Computer programmers are employed in all types of industries including management of companies, telecommunications, and manufacturers of computer and electronic equipment. You will also be able to work for financial, insurance, and educational institutions, as well as jobs are available in Government Sectors.

The top level IT companies and consultancy firms like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM, NIIT, Oracle etc offers great job opportunities to a candidate having MCA degree. In this era of computers, the candidates find various opportunities in large corporations having an in-house systems department. They also get appointed at various IT companies as a System Developer, Application Developer, Computer System Support Manager, Network Manager, Web-site Developer, Database administrator and various other roles. After completion of MCA a students can become ?

  • Software Programmer
    To mention few job responsibilities those are performed by a Software Programmer are code, test and troubleshoot programs utilizing the appropriate hardware, database, and programming technology. They refine data and format final product. Their job is also to Maintain and modify programs; make approved changes by amending flow charts, develop detailed programming logic, and coding changes.

  • Software Engineer
    A software engineer designs, develops and maintains software applications. The code that framed by a software engineer is called programs. From the entry level programmer they can reach up to the level of senior system analyst and then become a consultant.

  • Software Developer
    Software Developers are involved to Interpret written business requirements and technical specification documents and perform coding to written technical specifications. They also need to investigate, analyse and document reported defects and Perform maintenance programming and correction of identified defects, create, document, and implement unit test plans, scripts, and test harnesses.

  • System Analyst
    The systems analyst needs to be on top of the industry. They have to be aware of all the available technology and the pros and cons of each. If no one wants him to solve a problem or troubleshoot something then everything is working as it should.

They also provide direction and training to junior level Engineers to facilitate projects and programs. They also work to develop draft, facilitate, and maintain the implementation of policies and procedures.



50% marks in Graduation in any stream with BCA/ Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Science as one of the subjects from any recognized University in India. Students have to clear the WBJECA / CEE-AMPAI examinations of the current year.

Intake: 60 (GNIT)