Computer Science is a diverse field with its foundations in the key skill of programming, a deeply creative and analytical skill: How can we program robots to help blind people in their homes? How can computers spot suspicious activities in CCTV footage? Build safer aeroplanes? Teach chess? Design fabrics? Computer scientists learn to make computers smaller, faster, easier to use and more intelligent. They seek to develop new and exciting applications that allow us to be more resourceful and sophisticated in all aspects of our daily lives.

Computer Science is the theoretical study of problems, their structure and properties as they relate to some abstract computational device. At its most fundamental, that is, what kind of problems you can give an algorithm for that some machine is then able to compute without the further intervention of the human intelligence. A step up from these fundamental questions of computation are algorithms, their design and analysis. Usually, mathematics is used to describe the problem and analyze the algorithms which often rely on some specific features and structures of the problem. There are a lot of general algorithmic tools and abstractions that can be applied to a wide range of problems and which yield solutions of different efficiencies, most importantly data structures. The principal objective of this program is to provide training relevant to the software technologies required by information and communications technology professionals to design, program, manage, maintain, and enhance computer systems, particularly knowledge-based systems. The duration of the course is a maximum of two years of full-time. The potential of Computer technology needs no explanation. India has become a giant in the field of Software Development. The Software Industry is also growing by leaps and bounds around the globe.

Computer Science & Engineering at JIS Group of Colleges lays great stress on "hands-on" experience besides a sound theoretical background particularly in the latest topics. The curriculum is organized with core courses and electives to give the students enough choice. The project work is intended to equip the students to go deeper into her/his area of specialization Technical expertise is not only the objective of the curriculum, appreciation of the wider humane and financial consideration that Engineers in the industry have to take into account is also highly sought. Economics, Communication Skills, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship are subjects that all Students have to take at various stages of the course.

The two-year post graduate programme in Computer Science is intended to train the students in both advanced areas in the core courses and specialized topics in the emerging technology fronts. Courses offered include advanced topics in Algorithms, Programming Languages and Implementation, Operating Systems, High performance Computing and Networking.

The M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering is very well recognized by companies worldwide. This degree is an entry ticket to companies that operate in the areas of computer science, telecommunications, and electronics. It is an excellent booster to start an international career. Companies propose final-year theses that allow them to measure the level of competence acquired by the students during the Masters in Computer Science & Engineering program.


M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering offered at JIS Group of Colleges promises Bright Career Prospects. The degree will produce postgraduate professionals who can pursue career as Programmer Analyst, System Integrators MIS Specialist, Database Administrators, Management Consultants, Multimedia System Managers , Network Specialist & Software programmers just to name a few.

According to recent figures there will be over million of new jobs created in India alone over the next 5 years. So, career prospects are very good for computer science experts worldwide. A career in computing can also be fulfilling both personally and financially - figures from the 2007 QS World MBA Tour show that 18% of the world's MBA graduates have an IT background so the options to break into business, start up one's own company or other options are almost limitless. Salaries can be high. There are excellent career prospects within computer systems hardware, computer networking, software development or Internet technology and many computer science passouts branch out into different vocations such as bioscience, medicine or journalism.

The range of companies a computer expert works for is almost limitless software developers, banks, car manufacturers, newspapers, universities. Computer Science & Engineering could provide you with a long and rewarding career.


Candidates with B.Tech / B.E. / AMIE degree holders in CSE / IT / MCA can apply. Candidates with valid GATE / PGET (Conducted by WBUT) / CEE-AMPAI score are also required.

Intake: 18(GNIT)