Research Areas

  • ECE-Areas # Biomedical Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Ultra Wideband (UWB) microstrip Filter, Multiband microstrip Antennas, Signal Integrity/EMC.
  • CSE-Areas# Image Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Evolutionary Computing, Wireless Networking, Bioinformatics.
  • IT-Area# Green Computing, Analog VLSI design, Vehicular ADHOC Network, NoC
  • EE-Areas# Power Electronics & Renewable Energy Sources, Control Systems
  • AEIE-Areas# Biomedical Signal Analysis, Optical Memory Design, BMI, Robust model reference adaptive control, Blind Source Separation (BSS) of Speech Signal, Fault Detection of PMSM
  • FT-Area# Development of Herbal Beverages and Quality Evaluation, Wine Fermentation, Extraction of Pectin from Citrus peel ; Value added Food Product Development viz. Carrot Powder Fortified Biscuit; Herbal Ice Cream
  • ASH-Areas# Physics(Atomic & Nuclear Physics, Optical wave-guide communication, Materials Science, Solid State Physics)
  • Chemistry(Applied Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry)
  • Mathematics (Computational Methods, Generalized Topology, Functions of complex and bio-complex variables, parameters of global warming)
  • Mechanical Engg.(Materials Science & Metallurgy)
  • English (AmitavGhosh'sIbis Trilogy and Other South Asian Fictions)
  • CA- Areas# Data mining, Network security, Cloud computing , Opinion Mining using Fuzzy Logic, Soft Computing
  • MBA- Areas# Brand Management, Buy Back of Shares, Capacity utilize norm in Cement Industry.
  • HM- Areas# Waste reduction, Training needs assessment (TNA).

Ph.D Degree Holders

  • Dr. Sucharita Bhattacharyya: Assistant Professor (Phys):Studies in positron - atom scattering, awarded in 1999 from VisvaBharati.
  • Dr. Soma Mukherjee (Bhattacharya): Assistant Professor (Phys):Study of the electronic and other properties of some semiconducting glassy precursors of high Tc superconductors and related systems awarded in 2000 from Jadavpur University.
  • Dr. Indrajit Bose: Assistant Professor (English): Malaya revisited: the use of setting in Conrad's   Eastern Fiction awarded in 2001 from Jadavpur University.
  • Dr. SreyasreeBasu: Assistant Professor (Chemistry): Studies of some newer biopolymers for various applications awarded in 2009, from C.U.      
  • Dr. A K Ghoshal, Professor(AEIE): "Studies on Paramagnetic Salts by Electron Spin Resonance and Allied Techniquies", Calcutta University, 1978.
  • Dr Parimal Chattopadhyay,Professor(FT): "Studies on Transient heat conduction During Transportation of Wet Fish" , Jadavpur University, 1976.
  • Dr. P C Rakhit, Professor(ECE): "Some studies on Gunn Oscillators with resonant loads", Calcutta University, 1978
  • Dr. Annapurna Das,Principal: Radiation characteristics of a class of Microstrip Antennas, Delhi University, 1985.
  • Dr. Sisir Kumar Das, Dean: Studies of Transverse Electromagnetic Cell, Anna University, 1994.
  • Dr. Kakali Bandyopadhyay , Assistant Professor & Head(FT): Studies on utilization of oil and non oil constituents of some oil bearing materials and microbes,Calcutta University,2006.
  • Dr. Subhajit Roy, Assistant Professor (FT): Studies on fermentative production and purification of a bacterial biosurfactant,Jadavpur University,2006.
  • Dr.Santanu Kr. Sen, Professor & Head(CSE) : Computer Networking, Jadavpur University, 2008
  • Dr. Chaitali Chakraborty, Assistant Professor (FT): Studies on the shelf-life and quality evaluation of different types of Herbal Sandesh ,WUAF , 2008.
  • Dr. Arun Kr. Mondal, Professor & HOD(ECE): Optimization of Data Security in Multipath Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Network, Jadavpur University, 2010.
  • Dr. Rajdeep Bakshi, Professor & Head (MBA): "The applications of Brand valuation Methods in Select Indian Firms: An Exploratory Study" Bengal Engineering and Science University Shibpur 2008-2009.
  • Dr. Sunita Adhikari, Assistant Professor (FT): Bioremediation of Malathion from environment by an isolated bacterial species for pollution control,Jadavpur University, 2010.
  • Dr. Shyamal Kumar Ghosh, Professor(EE): "Some aspects of electrical Measurement Standardization", Jadavpur University, 1975.

Ph.D work pursuing


  • Koushik Pal: Security Aspects of Biomedical Image and analysis using Digital Image Watermarking, 2008, CU, Registered
  • Aditi Mandal : Ultra Wideband Filter,2012,NIT- Durgapur, Enrolled
  • Suparna Biswas: Digital Image Processing, BESU, Shibpur


  • Moloy Dhar : Image Processing,Jadavpur University
  • Sraboni Kundu : Wireless Sensor Networks, ISI, Calcutta,
  • Ankur Mondal : Evolutionary Computing ,ISI, Calcutta.
  • Sandip Tigga : Wireless Networking , Jadavpur University.
  • Debraj Roy : Bioinformatics ,Jadavpur University


  • Ms. Baisakhi Das: Green Computing , BESU, Shibpur
  • Mrs. Karabi Konar: Analog VLSI design, BESU, Shibpur
  • Mrs. Trishita Ghosh Vehicular ADHOC Network ,BESU, Shibpur
  • Mr. Sudeep Ghosh NoC , BESU, Shibpur


  • Mr. Prabal Deb: Power Electronics & Renewable Energy Sources (Engg)
  • Sisir Mazumder: Knowledge Management among Engineering Professionals (Mgmt.)


  • Jayita DattaBiosignal Analysys , University of Calcutta, Registered since 2006
  • Adhish Kr. Chakraborty Robust Model Reference Adaptive Control of Linear Multivariable Plants- A New approach , Jadavpur University , Registered since2009
  • Paramita Banerjee: Modelling of dental implant stability measurement sensor using RSA technique ,Jadavpur University , Registered since 2010
  • Dibyendu Sur: Characterization of Equatorial Ionization Anomaly and Ionospheric Irregularities using Satellite Beacon and GPS, University of Calcutta, Registered since 2012.
  • Bapita Roy: Design of Optical Memory,University of Calcutta


  • Mr. Amit Kumar BarmanDevelopment and Storage studies of Fermented Food by the combination of Soy pea nutmilk, Jadavpur University. (Reg. No.: D-7/E/508/11 of 11/8/2011)


  • Mr. ShantanuChakravarty: "Mapping the Opium Empire and Diasporic India in AmitavGhosh's Ibis Trilogy and Other South Asian Fiction" (Tentatively Titled) (Enrolled for Registration July 2015) (West Bengal State University)
  • Mrs. SamataSaha : Physics "Synthesis and characterization of aluminum based metal matrix composites with hybrid reinforcements" (registration on 26.4.13 ), BESU
  • Mr. AshisDey : Mechanical "Mechanical &Tribological properties of micro and nano crystalline zirconia toughened alumina with other soft oxides" (registration on 8.12.2008 ), BESU
  • Mrs. SucharitaChakraborti :[Thesis submitted]Mathematics : "Study of different Topological and Fuzzy topological notions in a new Framework" (registration on 12.4.08 ), WBUT
  • Mr. GautamMandal: Mathematics  "Modeling and forecasting of parameters influencing global warming phenomenon- A deep exploratory investigation" (enrolled for registration on 17.7.13), WBUT
  • Mr. AnupKumar Thander: Mathematics "Application of numerical methods in optical wave guide" (Registration on 17.7.13)
  • Mr. ChinmayGhosh: Mathematics  "Certain investigations on different properties of functions of complex variables with some of their applications"
  • Mr. MainakDebnath: Chemistry, "Vanadium and Manganese Chemistry of Phenolate based Ligands: Synthesis, Structures and Catalytic Applications".(enrolled for registration on 08.06.10)


  • Mr. Animesh KarOpinion Mining using Fuzzy Logic, ISI,Calcutta
  • Mr. Chiranjib DuttaSwarm Intelligence Soft Computing, CU


  • CA Biswanath BhattacharyaBuyback of Shares, NIT Durgapur
  • Mr. Promit Kumar GhosalRole of Traditional Medicines to promote the Rural Public Health, West Bengal State University, Kolkata.

Post Ph. D Research


  • Prof.Dr. Annapurna Das ; Microstrip Antennas and Filters- Guiding researchers
  • Prof.Dr. Sisir Kr. Das ;Microwave Antennas and Filters, Signal Integrity in High Speed PCB and EMI/EMC- Guiding researchers
  • Prof.Dr. Arun Kr. Mondal :Security analysis of MIMO Mobile Ad Hoc Network, Guiding researchers
  • Dr. Sucharita Bhattacharyya: Optical wave-guide communication- Guiding researchers
  • Dr. Soma Mukherjee (Bhattacharya): High dielectric materials, bioactive glass, semiconductors.
  • Dr. Indrajit Bose: Developing, listening and speaking materials for Indian ESL learners


  • Dr.Santanu Kr. Sen : Mobile Ad hoc Networks- Guiding researchers
  • Dr.P. C. Rakhsit :Digital Signal Processing- Guiding researchers


  • Cream; Potato Based Product Development; Rice Bran Oil Post Processing