Guru Nanak Institute of Technology

157/F, Panihati, Sodepur, Kolkata-700114

Code of conduct for the students:

  1. The students must be regular and punctual in their studies
  2. The students must observe discipline in all types of academic and extra-curricular activities
  3. The students must maintain at least 75% attendance
  4. The students must maintain the cleanliness of the campus and hostels
  5. The students should dress in a formal way, maintain the dignity of the institute, and behave in an amicable manner.
  6. The students should read the notices regularly, which are posted on college website and circulated via email groups
  7. The students should show respect for the all teaching and non-teaching staff of the institute and they must be amiable towards other students
  8. The students should complete the tasks within the stipulated time
  9. The students must adhere to the rules and regulations, which are issued by the Controller of the Examination/Officer in-charge of Examination, during the examinations
  10. The students should clear the College/Hostel fees in time.
  11. Ragging is a criminal offence. The student must not indulge in any form of The students must submit the anti-ragging declaration at the time of  the admission. The students must also submit the anti-ragging declaration online
  12. The students must immediately bring into the notice of the HOD/ Registrar/ Principal if they face any discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, sex, gender etc
  13. The student must develop professional qualities
  14. The students must behave properly within the campus as well as outside when they represent the college
  15. The students are expected to participate in the extra-curricular activities
  16. The male students must not pass offensive/abusive comments at the female students and must observe due courtesies
  17. Substance abuse of any type is strictly prohibited in the campus and in the hostels
  18. The students must attend the online classes by using their full name and present semester of study
  19. The students must not take part in cyber bullying
  20. The students must not spread hatred in the online platforms
  21. The student must try her/his best to excel academically
  22. The students must uphold the reputation of the institute


Code of conduct for the employees:

These rules apply to all employees, whether ad-hoc, temporary, part-time, contractual or permanent, in the service of Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Panihati, Sodepur, Kolkata.

Code of conduct

The provisions contained in this schedule shall apply, without exception, to all employees of the Institute whether, ah-hoc, probationary, temporary, part-time, contractual or permanent. Every employee of the Institute , whether ad-hoc, temporary, contractual, part-time or permanent shall be governed by the Code of Conduct, as specified herein and every employee, without exception shall be liable to strict disciplinary action, including suspension and or termination, for the breach of any provision(s) of the code of conduct. The Disciplinary Authority shall initiate disciplinary proceedings for non-compliance of the code of conduct/service rules/leave rules or any other rules of the Institute that may be in force from time to time by any employee and shall have the power to appoint an enquiry officer(s) to conduct an inquiry into the charges against such an employee.

Every employee shall be governed by the following code of conduct, which is not exhaustive:

  • Every employee shall at all times be courteous and towards the management personal, parents, colleagues, students, visitors, superiors and co-workers.
  • Every employee shall maintain absolute integrity, a high sense of devotion to duty and standard of conduct. The employees shall be loyal to the institution and abide by the rules and regulations made from time to time.
  • Every employee shall carry out the work assigned to him by his superiors conscientiously in accordance with the specific or general instructions of his superiors and shall maintain discipline at all times in the department or workplaces or premises of the institution. He or She shall also co-operate with his superiors and co-employees and not commit a nuisance and abet indiscipline among others.
  • No employee shall, at any time, indulge in maligning or falsely implicating the authorities or superiors or institution/college management or members of the staff.
  • An employee is required to accept any work allotted to him by the head of the institution in addition to the work allotted to the particular post held by the employee, keeping in mind the ethos and ethics of the institution.
  • Employees shall always be neatly dressed in formal, clean attires while on duty and shall keep their person and work-places tidy and clean and at all times maintain cleanliness of the institution.
  • Employees who have been provided with uniform/identity card shall wear it while on duty. Those who do not wear it are liable to be debarred for the day and marked absent besides rendering themselves liable to disciplinary action. Uniform provided by the institution shall not be worn during off-duty hours.
  • Employees shall take proper care of machines, tools, materials, equipment, furniture and all other sundry property of the institution, movable and immovable.
  • Employees shall promptly report of any injury sustained in course of their duty. The management, in no way, is responsible for damage while on duty and all employees are expected to take out accident and/or other necessary insurance policies.
  • Employees shall promptly report of an accident or hazard noticed by them on the premises of the institution and shall promptly do the needful to minimize the damage forthwith.
  • All teaching/ non-teaching staff should be present at the commencement of the time fixed and notified to them. Late attendance by more than 15 minutes for three days in one month shall entail forfeiture of a day’s salary/wages. No one will be allowed to attend the Institute if he/she is late by 45 minutes, and he/she will be marked “ABSENT” ,except with prior permission of the concerned authority and in that event half day Casual Leave may or may not be granted at the sole discretion of the College Authority.
  • All the employees shall be available to be approached by the students.
  • No employee shall misuse or carelessly use the material and facilities provided by the institution.
  • No employees are permitted to accept gifts in cash or kind from visitors, parents, contractors, businessmen or any other party connected with the activities of the institution.
  • No employee shall tamper or cause to be tampered with the records or notices of the institution.
  • An employee shall not communicate directly or indirectly an official document or information to any other person, without the prior approval of the competent authority.
  • No employee shall disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the institution by demonstration, shouting, speak loudly   in any fashion whatsoever, or indulge in an act which is prejudicial to the interest of teaching or peaceful working of the institution.
  • No employee shall indulge in quarrels, cross-talking, abuses, fights, violence or any other disorderly or indecent behavior in the college premises.
  • No employee shall make a collection of money in any manner in the college premises.
  • No employee shall interfere with the work of other employees, disturb or cause annoyance to them or misbehave with them at work.
  • No employee shall deface, disfigure or damage or write on the walls of the institution.
  • No employee shall consume food articles and soft drinks in the college premises except in places specifically assigned for the purpose. No employee shall smoke in the college premises. No employee shall consume alcoholic beverages in the college premises.
  • No employee shall bring alcohol or intoxicant drugs to the institute premises or report to work in an unfit condition because of previous indulgence in or under the influence of intoxicants or drugs.
  • No employee, while on the premises, shall have in his/her possession firearms, weapons or other articles detrimental to the security of the institution or persons.
  • No employee shall undertake employment while in service of the institution other than his duties connected with the institution, or carry on, directly or indirectly a business or trade or private practice relating to tuitions or associate himself/herself directly or indirectly with any coaching classes to prepare students for public examinations.
  • No employee shall knowingly or willfully neglect his duties, moral or otherwise discriminate against a student or any other employee on grounds of caste, creed, language, religion, place of origin, social and cultural background or any of them.
  • No employee shall indulge in or encourage, any form of malpractice connected with examination or any other social activities; be negligent in or late in correcting class work or home work done by students, inflict corporal punishment on a student.
  • No employee, while marked present in the institute, shall absent himself, except with the permission of the principal from the class or duty which he is required to attend or communicate any information which he may come across as a secret of the institution.
  • No employee shall indulge in disclosing any secret or confidential matter relating to the affairs of the institution/college to an unauthorized person at any time.
  • Every employee shall at all time conduct himself in accordance with the specific or implied order of the management and the head of the institution regarding behavior and conduct which may be enforced and issued from time to time.
  • No employee shall indulge in activity which may embarrass the cause of the institution.
  • No employee shall lend money to a person on interest.
  • No employee shall enter into or contract, a marriage with a person having a living spouse.
  • No employee shall bring or attempt to bring any outside influence to bear upon a superior authority to further his interest in respect of matters pertaining to his employment.
  • No employee shall sexually harass any other employee at the workplace.
  • No employee shall, in any radio broadcast or in any document published anonymously or in his own name or in the name of any other person or in any communication to the press or in any public utterance, make any statement of fact or opinion.
  • which has the effect of an adverse criticism of any policy or action of the College; or
  • which is capable of embarrassing the relations between the College and the Central Government or any State Government or any other Institution as organization or members of public; or
  • which exploits the name of the College or his position therein. Provided that nothing in this paragraph shall apply to any statements or views expressed by an employee in his official capacity or in the due performance of the duties assigned to him.
  • No employee shall commit any act of dereliction of duty.
  • No employee shall be allowed to be on leave which has been refused or such leave has been cancelled and has been called to join duty.
  • No employee shall refuse to accept an order of transfer to any of the institution under the same trust.
  • An employee shall not furnish false or incorrect information/credential or withholding relevant or pertinent information at the time of appearance or any other time.
  • An employee shall not commit any act which is detrimental to the interest and prestige of the institution.
  • No employee shall use the logo of the institute for her/his personal benefits, or advertisements
  • An employee, when she/he joins this institute after resigning from some other institute, will ensure that her/his name is not present in any of databases of the former institute.
  • An employee shall strive to enhance the reputation of the institute.
  • An employee shall adhere to digital etiquette and ethics while she/he is attending an online meeting, or webinar, or taking class in online mode.
  • No employee shall use the online platforms for spreading hatred, or bullying others.