Teachers use ICT enabled tools including online resources for effective teaching and learning process

In GNIT, numbers of classrooms and labs are ICT enabled with projectors installed and the campus is facilitated with high speed wi-fi connection. Faculty uses different types of ICT enabled tools like Myperfectice, Google meet, Google classroom to interact with the students and also provides learning material, lab manuals assignments, etc. Online tests are also taken by the faculty and evaluations of answer script also been done. Secondly, Virtual labs and different open-source software are used to conduct simulations related to labs. Next, the online learning materials are complete with animations and simulations to enhance the efficiency of the teaching- learning process. Lab facility is used to create video lectures and upload in appropriate platforms for students to use as extra learning resources. Lab manuals are forwarded electronically prior to the starting of the experiment. 8. Online quizzes are regularly arranged to map the continuous evaluation process. IIT Virtual labs are also where faculty can check the individual practical performed by students. Online tool called LMS is used where faculty can monitor students uploading the individual tasks given in the form of assignment.  To teach mathematical subjects in online mode, teachers have used various online tools like- whiteboard in MyPerfectice, graphics tab, etc.