Applied Science & Humanities

Applied Science & Humanities (ASHU)

About the Department

The Department of Applied Science and Humanities, (or ASHU), is one of the oldest
departments in GNIT, being present from the inception of the institute in 2003, and some of
the faculty members in the Dept were the earliest teachers to join the institute. It is also the
Dept with the largest student presence, as the entire student body in B. Tech 1 st Year is under
its provenance. This student body is always more than 400 strong making ASHU the most
populous Dept in numbers. The Dept also excels by reason of attracting dedicated and
talented teachers and staff, who are research-active, conscientious, and continually strive to
bring the Dept closer to an approximation of its goals and long-cherished objectives.


Eighty nine percent of students say services helps them feel like they belong at GNIT

Vision of the Department

To convert the students of technology into successful professionals and human resources of high caliber through intellectual, moral, and value based training along with highly motivated academic activities by the support of a group inspiring, dedicated and capable teachers and empowering infrastructures which make them eligible to contribute innovatively

Mission of the Department
  • To ensure the smooth journey of a 12th passed out student towards a successful career of Engineering by bridging the gap between science and technology.
  • To train them with the basic ethical values of profession.
  • To promote awareness on ecological and environmental issues.