Training & Internship

Training for Enhanced Conversion during Campus Recruitment

Professionally qualified personnel are actively involved in delivering up-to-date training curricula to enable our students to face the competition with greater degree of confidence & conviction. Thus, it would promote better selection by recruiters visiting our institute.

  1. Aptitude Training: These classes refresh the fundamental areas of mathematics and logic of the students and cover areas like – Quantitative ability, Logical reasoning, Puzzles and Verbal ability.
  2. Personality Development Classes: These classes are conducted in parallel with the aptitude sessions and provide rigorous training in the soft skills area.
  3. Technical Training Sessions: As a part of our training efforts, we conduct surveys from time to time among corporate to understand the technological up gradations taking place. We figure out the most appropriate technologies and provide the required training based on these inputs.
  4. Training on Coding & Pseducoding: Practical training on coding and pseducoding are also given to the students which nurtures the analytical and logical skills of a student.
  5. Pre placement training programs such as mock group discussions, mock interviews are conducted by our faculties & industry professionals at college itself.
  6. Company specific training is also conducted for better employability quotient.

We try to forge win-win tie-ups with reputed organizations in order to boost placement opportunities. The Department of Training and Placement facilitates imparting the maximum employment opportunities, to all the deserving candidates of final and pre-final year students of Guru Nanak Institute of Technolog

Internship Policy


A student’s skills and practical experience are unquestionably improved by an internship, which ultimately increases his or her employability. At present all engineering undergraduates are undergoing following:

  1. Workshop/training form 2nd Semester,
  2. 4 Week Industrial Internship after 4th
  3. 8-12 Week Industrial Internship after 6th
  4. 6-months internship after 6th

In addition to this Institute may also permit B.Tech. Students to paid internship cum placement (subject to grant of specific permission by the Institute) after 3 months free internship starting from 6th Semester (selected batch) for which specific eligibility conditions are to be met by the students. The policy applicable to the students for placements will also be applicable for the students seeking this internship.

Key Points

  1. The students who want to avail the 6-months internship during their 6th semester must not have any backlogs. Also, a limit of 25% of the total student strength per department is
  2. Students opting 6-month internship will be allowed to appear in campus placements like all other
  3. Students can avail 6-months internships in either in industry or in a research laboratory strictly through Institute Training and Placement cell.
  4. The internships have to be strictly completed at least one week before the deadline of submitting the grades as mentioned in the academic
  5. All such students who wish to undertake a internship or those who are selected for such an internship will have to give an undertaking that such internship will not affect their academic

Guidelines to the Departments

  1. Each department will form an “Internship advisory committee, IAC” to address all academic activities related to the internship, allotment of course, and all activities ranging from approving an internship to
  2. Department will ensure the implementation of all the provisions of this
  3. The role of the IAC is as follows:
    1. Evaluate the Internship Notification Form (INF) received from the company and make a decision on approving the
    2. The committee will form an evaluation criterion for the internship as per the following guidelines:
      1. At the end of 6 months, each student is expected to submit a project report, and make a presentation to a department-specific evaluation
  1. Grades will be given based on the quality of both, report and presentation, as well as on the report submitted by the external
  • Further details about the evaluation mechanism can be worked out by the
  1. For each student, the committee will appoint a faculty member as an internal
  2. If a student finds an internship on his own, or a faculty member finds an internship for students, the committee will inform the training and placement cell immediately about such internships. The training and placement cell will allow such internships only if the industry undergoes the campus selection
  3. The committee will make decisions about policies of the respective departments regarding the internships, whether to allow cross-disciplinary internships, or only core-department related project or If a student is not given sufficient technical work during the internship, initiate a mechanism to call the student back from the company
  • At the end of every calendar month, the advisor will collect a progress-update from the
  • It is expected that the organization should allot a well-defined project and a clearly stated objectives for the Advisor should check that.
  1. In case of pre-placement offers (PPO), all companies are expected to inform PPO always through the placement cell
  2. Since internships involve academic credits, the company will have to allot a supervisor for each intern, called as external
  3. An organization must share the all details pertaining to the internship and submit the duly filled INF to create an

Role of Institute Training Cell

The head, Institute Training cell will coordinate and ensure the smooth implementation of all the above provisions through department heads and department training in-charges. To ensure the effective implementation, Training Cell will develop appropriate application forms, evaluation proforma or any other document needed.