Rare Books

SL NO.ACC No.Title & EditionAuthorPublihersISBN
16642Introduction to Electronics Circuit DesignSpencer, Richard R & Ghousi, Mohammed SPearson Education81-7808-993-9
231858Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design, 3rd ed.Webster, John G, Ed.Wiley978-81-265-1106-8
36838Modern Electronics Communication, 7th ed.Miller, Gary M.  & Beasley, Jeffrey SPrentice Hall81-203-2117-0
420387Single-mode optical fiber measurement: Characterization and SensingCancellieri, Giovanni, ed.Artech House0-89006-602-7
56614FrontPage 2002 Developer’s GuideJennett, MikeTata McGraw Hill 0-07-044788-8
653831Extrusion of Foods, Vol.IHarper, Judson MCRC Press 978-0-367-25894-8
753830Plant Layout and Material Handling, 3rd ed.Apple, James MJohn Wiley 0 471 07171-4
853219Robotics Technologyand Flexible AutomationDEB, S.R & Deb, SMc Graw Hill Education978-0-07-007791-1
92708Fields and Waves in Communication ElectronicsRamo, Simon, Whinnery, John R. & Duzer, Theodore VanJohn Wiley 9971-51-147-9
106495Failure Prevention of Plant and MachineryHattangadi, A. A.Tata McGraw Hill 0-07-048309-4
1114299Stanford Handbook for Electrical Engineers, 14th ed.Fink, Donald.G & Beaty, H WayneMcGraw Hill 0-07-022005-0
1218835Stanford Handbook for Electrical Engineers, 15th ed.Beaty, H Wayne & Fink, Donald.GMcGraw Hill 978-0-07-144146-9
1342453Organizational BehaviorLuthans, FredMcGraw Hill 978-007-128939-9
1448884Answer Book: 10,001 fast facts about our worldThornton, KathrynNational Geographic978-81-920888-0-8
152452Electric Machinery, 6th ed.Fitzgerald, A.E., Jr.,Charles Kingsley & Umans, Stephen DTata McGraw Hill 0-07-053039-4
165673Mechatronics, 2nd ed.Bolton, WLongman981-235-874-9
175402Swichgear protection and Power SystemRao, Sunil SKhanna Publishers81-7409-029-0
1819070Process/Industrial Instrument and Control Handbook McMillan, Gregory KMcGraw Hill 0-07-012582-1
1917887Perry’s Chemical Engineering Handbook, 7th ed.Perry, Robert H & Green, Don wMcGraw Hill 0-07-049841-5
20230Electrical Technology,7th ed.Cotton, HCBS Publishers 
213108Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems, 5th ed.Wildi, TheodorePearson Education81-7808-972-6
222953HUGHES: Electrical & Electronic TechnologyEdward HughesPearson Education81-7808-798-7
2320714Commentaries on The Electricity Act,2003: with all Rules, Regulation, and OrdersMallick, M.R.Kamal Law House 
2453153Manufacturing Facilities Design and Material Handling, 2nd ed.Meyers,Fred. E & Stephens, Matthew. LPrentice Hall0-13-674821-X
25 Cambridge International Dictionary of English Cambridge University Press0-521-58835-9
2618286ABC of Common Grammatical Errors Turton, NigelMacmillan0333-92430-4
2722819Direct Taxes Ready ReckonerSinghania, Vinod KTaxmann Publications (P) Ltd.81-7194-458-2
282329Vogel’s Textbook of Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 6th ed.Mendham, J & othersPearson Education81-7808-538-0
292123Engineering Analysis in Applied MechanicsBrewer, John.WTaylor & Francis1-56032-932-7
3032253Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation, 2nd ed.Khandpur, R.S Tata McGraw Hill 978-0-07-047355-3
3132254Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation, 2nd ed.Khandpur, R.S Tata McGraw Hill 978-0-07-047355-3
322858Textbook of Biochemistry, 4th ed.West, Edward Staunton & othersOxford & IBH  
331863Knowledge Management: Classic and Contemporary WorksMorey, Daryl, ed. & others.University Press81 7371 390 1
342046Agriculture and Intellectual Property Rights: Economic Institutional and Implementation Isuues in BiotechnologySantaniello, V, ed. & othersUniversity Press81 7371 426 6
359381Complex Variables and Applications, 7th ed.Brown, James Ward & Churchill, Ruel VMcGraw Hill 0-07-123365-2
361799Calculus and Analytical GeometryThomas, George B. & Finney, Ross LPearson Education81-7808-160-1
372807EcologyMackenzie, Aulay & othersViva books81-7649-036-9
3841125The Feynman Lectures on Physics: the Definitive Edition, VOL.1Feynman, Richard P & OthersDorling Kindersley (Pearson Education)978-81-317-2169-8
3941128The Feynman Lectures on Physics: the Definitive Edition, VOL.2Feynman, Richard P & OthersDorling Kindersley (Pearson Education)978-81-317-2170-4
4041130The Feynman Lectures on Physics: the Definitive Edition, VOL.3Feynman, Richard P & OthersDorling Kindersley (Pearson Education)978-81-317-2166-7
411085GeneticsRussell, Peter JBenjamin Cummings0-8053-4540-X
4216097Mathematical Modeling of Physical Systems: An IntroductionBasmadjian,DiranOxford University Press0-19-515314-6
432081Aprimer for Environmental LiteracyGolley, Frank B University Press81 7371 220 4
442935Pocket Oxford English Dictionary, 9th ed.Soanes, Catherine, ed.Oxford University Press019565860-4
4510484Professional Java Server ProgrammingAllamaraju, SubrahmanyamShroff Publishers81-7366-021-2
462546Computers Today Basandra, Suresh K Galgotia81-86340-74-2
4721907Windows Vista Inside OutBott, Ed & OthersPrentice Hall978-81-203-3166-2
4821132Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0The Microsoft IIS Team Prentice Hall81-203-2472-2
499363Instrument Engineers ‘ Handbook. 4th ed.  Process Mearsurment and Analysis,Vol.1Liptak, Bela G, Ed.CRC  Press 0-8493-1083-0
5021131Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administator CpmpanionRussel, Charlie & othersPrentice Hall81-203-2330-0
5116548CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide (Exam 640-80 1)Deal, RichardTata McGraw Hill 0-07-058300-5
5242395Analysis Multiconductor Transmission Lines Paul, Clayton RJohn Wiley 0-470-02080-X
5341985Image Processing: Principles and ApplicationsAcharya, Tinku & Ray, Ajoy KWiley Interscience (John Wiley )0-471-71998-6
546640Signal & Systems : Continuous and DiscreteZiemer, Rodger E & OthersPearson Education81-7808-296-9
554453Introduction to logic DesignMarcovitz, Alan BTata McGraw Hill 0-07-048653-0
566612Communication Electronics: Principles and Applications, 3rd ed.Frenzel, Louis ETata McGraw Hill 0-07-048398-1
572468The A TO Z of PC Hardware & Maintenance, Vol 1Choudhury, SubhadeepDhanpat Rai81-7700-041-1
5817059Routers and Routing Basics: CCNA 2 Companion GuideOdom, Wendell & Mcdonald, RickPearson Education81-317-0567-6
5918642Mastering AutoCAD 2020 for Mechnical EngineersOmura, GeorgeBPB Publication81-7656-168-1
605855Internet & World Wide Web: How to Program, 3rd ed. Deitel, H.M. & OthersPearson Education81-297-0408-0