Significance of GNIT Logo design:

The logo is the visible embodiment of the spirit of an institution. That is the case with the logo design of Guru Nanak Institution of Technology, Kolkata, which encapsulates the message, inspired by the teaching of a noble Sikh guru, of igniting young minds from all walks of life with knowledge, dedication and the passion to excel. The logo gives the Institute visibility in the national and international arena and highlights its distinctiveness as a technical institute of eminence in India.

     Simplicity is the key characteristic of the Institute logo. The logo represents the Institute acronym, GNIT, with an overarching and elongated horizontal ceiling capping the lettering, with a circular dot representing the letter “I” rising above the ceiling. The lettering of the logo is in the colour blue, which represents reliability and trustworthiness. As it is also the colour of the natural elements, sky and water, it also signifies universality. Devised in 2003, at the time of the inception of the Institute, the logo has been continuously in use for nearly two decades. It has been a witness to the growth and phenomenal development of the Institute.

       The GNIT logo actually reflects the inspiring message of equality and fraternity given by Guru Nanakji Saheb, the first Sikh Guru and the founder of Sikhism. A pre-eminently humanist visionary, Guru Nanak preached the message of equality of all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex, which has become one of the fundamental tenets of the Sikh faith—he  says in Japji Sahib“Accept all humans as your equals, and let them be your only sect” (Japji,p.28). This egalitarian vision has inspired Guru Nanak Institute of Technology’s functioning throughout the years, and the same opportunities for academic growth, research and employment have been provided to all students and career professionals associated with the Institute. In fact, the elongated horizontal ceiling capping the lettering in the logo represents this principle of equality in visual terms. All students, researchers, administrators, faculty, staff are literally under the overarching canopy of one umbrella, the Institute itself.

       This idea of equality symbolized by the GNIT logo is coterminous with the Institutional Vision and Mission. Technical education and training are imparted to boys and girls alike, with no discriminations. The Institute believes in the empowerment of youth through literacy and equipping students for opportunities in higher education and employment is the means for the realization of this vision. By giving equal provisions for women and girls gender equality and women empowerment are also ensured.

        The logo not only embodies this concept of equality, it also, through the rising circle above the letter “I”, indicates a space for the beneficial tutelage of the faculty, under whose guidance and inspiration the process of empowerment will take place. Taking cognizance of the special role of the teacher educators GNIT is committed to delivering technical education of the highest standards and promoting holistic development. In the Institute’s journey, the logo remains the visible emblem of the Institute’s vision and a guiding inspiration.